Marketing en los casinos brasileños

Brazilian casino marketing: how to attract players

Brazil is an emerging market in the world of online casinos, with an estimated size of $2.1 billion and potential growth to $2.6 billion by 2026. Every year, 300,000 Brazilians travel to other countries to gamble, demonstrating the interest and demand that exists in the country. This potential growth is attracting operators from all over the world, creating a highly competitive market. And, here, casino marketing in Brazil becomes more essential than ever.


Another factor to take into account in the Brazilian market when talking about its growth and attractiveness for operators is the Bill (PL) 2234/2022, which, according to the latest news, is expected to come into force next August.


This Bill promises to change the gaming landscape in Brazil. It seeks to regulate and open up the online casino market, which could result in a significant increase in competition among operators.


In this new scenario, effective marketing strategies will be crucial to stand out from the crowd. Acquiring new players will be important, but retaining existing players will be equally, if not more, crucial. Players who leave, don’t come back, so providing a seamless and personalized user experience is one of the keys to scaling the marketing operation.


What is the profile of the Brazilian gambler?

48% of Brazilian players play between 1 or 2 times a week, and 12% consider sports betting as one of their main sources of income. Although diverse, the Brazilian player profile is active.


But what do they play, and why do they choose their casinos? Despite the restrictions, 36% of Brazilians claim to have played in online casinos, especially roulette (78%), blackjack (66%), table games (64%) and poker (61%).


33% of Brazilian players play on 2 different platforms and among the reasons for choosing them stand out: free bets and special offers (56%), easy to navigate pages (48%) and easy and local payment system (45%).


They are demanding and look for unique experiences. If a casino cannot provide these experiences, players will look for another that offers them. Therefore, it is essential for operators to understand the needs and desires of their players and tailor their offerings accordingly.


Using casino marketing to acquire new players

Affiliate campaigns are a popular way to acquire new players in Brazil. However, operators face challenges such as the rising cost of CPAs (cost per acquisition) and ever-changing regulations.


To attract new players, it is necessary to create content that connects with the user and solves a need. In Brazil, casinos use public figures as brand ambassadors to attract new players, such as Neymar, Rafinha Bastos and David Luiz. They have a large fan base, which can help increase the casinos’ visibility and appeal.


And what about retention?

Player retention is as, if not more, important than new user acquisition. Operators are looking to expand LTV (LifeTime Value) and enhance the user experience through tournaments and missions.


Players compete against each other or try to achieve specific objectives in exchange for the chance to win a bigger prize. These strategies not only increase player participation and engagement, but can also increase the average wager, which in turn can increase revenue for operators.


The future of casino marketing in Brazil

The future of marketing in Brazilian casinos is promising, but also challenging. With PL 2234/2022, a highly competitive market is expected where effective marketing strategies will be crucial. Player acquisition and retention will be essential, and operators will need to provide unique and personalized user experiences to stand out in the market.

The Brazilian online casino market will continue to grow and evolve, and operators that can adapt and respond to the changing needs of players will be more likely to succeed.

If you want to learn more about marketing operations in Brazilian casinos, you can download the full report here.

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