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How to improve a casino’s marketing operations in Peru

The casino market in Peru has undergone a significant change with the entry into force of Law No. 31,557. This new regulation has allowed the entry of new operators, both domestic and foreign, increasing competition in the sector. How to stand out in this new scenario? By means of more effective marketing strategies and operations in which not only the acquisition of new accounts, but also the retention of the existing ones, must be considered.


The player who leaves, doesn’t come back. Providing a seamless and personalized user experience are some of the keys to scaling your marketing operation.


What are Peruvian players like?

In Peru, there are 17 online bookmakers and their operations generate revenues of 4.5 billion soles per year. Among the total number of Peruvian gamblers (more than 8 million), usually men between 20 and 45 years old, around 150,000 bets are placed daily.


If we analyze gambling trends, 38% of Peruvians have gambled at least once in their lives, and 16% gamble once a month or more. It is worth noting that Peru is the second country in Latin America that places the most sports bets, only behind Brazil. And, according to Apadela, 90% of bets are for less than 5 soles.


66% of Peruvian gamblers say they play for fun. This idea goes hand in hand with the concept of responsible gambling in the country:


  • 52% of Peruvians believe that it consists of playing regardless of the outcome.
  • 51%t believe that it consists of not spending money that one does not have.
  • 38% maintain that it consists of playing only in legal web sites.
  • 13% believe that it is about not trying to recover losses.
  • 13% believe that it is not seeing it as a way to earn money.


Peruvian players are a diverse group, with different preferences and behavior, and casino operators must take these differences into account when designing their strategy for marketing operations.


For example, players who are regulars at the poker tables will have different interests and behaviors than slots aficionados. Therefore, it is essential to provide personalized and accurate recommendations for each user, based on their behavior and demographics.


Acquiring new players through marketing operations

To attract new players, operators use various marketing strategies, such as banners, affiliates and affiliate campaigns. However, operators are constrained by the increasing cost of CPAs (cost per acquisition) and the constantly changing regulations that allow these strategies in some markets.


Another marketing strategy that Peruvian casinos are betting on is the use of brand ambassadors. If we analyze the preferences when selecting these ambassadors, 46% of Peruvians trust television presenters, while 41% trust a professional gambler. Actors/actresses and soccer players are also in the top 5, with 39% and 25% respectively.


And how to retain them

Player retention is equally or even more important than acquiring new users. This is mainly due to increasing CPAs, which can be financially unsustainable for small and medium-sized operators.


To retain players, operators use various strategies, such as bonuses, tournaments and missions, and security systems. In addition, operators must provide unique experiences to players to keep them interested and prevent them from seeking out other casinos.


The future of marketing operations

The future of the casino market in Peru is promising, with an estimated CAGR growth of 11.49% for the period 2021-2026 globally. However, operators must be prepared to adapt to an increasingly competitive environment and changing player demands. Effective and personalized marketing strategies, coupled with a seamless user experience, will be key to standing out in this new landscape.


If you want to know more about marketing operations in Peruvian casinos, you can download the full report here.

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