Casinos online en México: cómo atraer y retener jugadores

Mexico: marketing in online casinos

The online casinos market in Mexico is one of the most attractive in the entire American continent, with an estimated GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) of US$500 million per year and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%.


However, operators find themselves in a complicated environment, due to increasing competition and gray areas in national regulation. In this new scenario that is emerging in Mexico, speed and flexibility will be two differentiating factors.


This situation has forced operators to implement more effective marketing strategies, not only to acquire new accounts, but also to retain existing ones.


The profile of Mexican gamblers

According to the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), 48.3% of Mexicans have participated in some game of chance during the year and 27.6% say they play occasionally. Furthermore, according to this institution, the main reason for choosing between one bookmaker or another is, in 60% of the cases, the possibility of placing free bets and special offers.


According to their demographic profile, men are the ones who have more players in their ranks, with 50.5%. Among women, however, gambling is still not very widespread, with only 24.7% of female players. Regarding age and education, the group that gambles the most is the 55-64 age group (61.7%), and 53.4% of those who gamble only have an elementary school education.


If we talk about online casinos, among Mexican players only 2% claim to have participated in online casinos, while 41% claim to know them.


Marketing and players

In this highly competitive market, effective marketing strategies are crucial to stand out from the crowd. Operators must be quick and flexible to adapt to regulatory changes and must implement innovative marketing strategies. In addition, they must rely on platforms that allow them to do so efficiently.


One of the most effective marketing strategies is personalization. Operators can create and modify customer groups through their platform, either manually or automatically. This allows them to correctly segment audiences based on their interests, preferences, behavior, demographics, etc. In this way, they can deliver a personalized user experience that attracts and retains players.


Attracting new players to online casinos

To attract new players, operators use various marketing strategies, such as banners, affiliates, Telegram Casino and Twitch. In addition, Mexican players have three main motivations for choosing a bookmaker over the rest: free bets and special offers (60%), an easy local payment system (56%) and an easy-to-navigate website (53%).


Offering any of these services is essential to attract and attract the attention of players in the country.


What about retention?

Player retention is equally or even more important than acquiring new users. It is especially valuable for small and medium sized operators, due to increasing CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition), sometimes becoming financially unsustainable for them.


The most dedicated players, those who spend the most hours and make the most deposits throughout the month, are the most demanding and need unique experiences to keep them betting. For these players, the versions of the games provided by the aggregators – called vanilla in gaming jargon – are not enough, as they are too basic for them given their extensive experience.


To connect with these players, expand their LTV (Lifetime Value) and improve their user experience, tournaments and quests are one of the options to consider. These strategies allow players to experience new emotions. On the other hand, operators can increase their Bet Sum, since in this type of games the average bet is much higher.


Another strategy to take into account are bonuses, since they allow players to increase their deposits. However, care must be taken, as they can act as a double-edged sword.


The future of online casinos in Mexico

The Mexican casino market is one of the most attractive in the entire continent, but it is also one of the most competitive. To be successful in this market, operators can implement changes in their marketing strategies to attract and retain users, betting on personalized experiences, which will help reduce the abandonment rate and increase the LTV of players.


The future of online casino marketing in Mexico is promising, but also challenging. However, with a clear understanding of the market and players, operators can stand out from their competitors and take advantage of the growth opportunities it offers.


If you want to learn more about marketing operations in Mexican casinos, you can download the full report here.

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