Getting and retaining players at online casinos in Spain

The casino market in Spain is one of the most attractive in Europe, with steady growth and an active players base that increased by 8.32% in 2022. In recent years, it has experienced significant growth, with GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) of €962 million in 2022, up 18% on 2021.


This growth is largely due to highly polished marketing strategies by the major operators, as well as their quick and agile implementation of these on their websites. However, the outlook is complicated for small and medium-sized operators due to increasing competition and gray areas in national regulation.


Nevertheless, the number of accounts fell by 1.46%, indicating that Spanish players prefer to stay with a single operator, one that has earned their trust with a robust and reliable product. This reality forces operators to implement more effective marketing strategies, not only to acquire new accounts, but also to retain existing ones.


What are Spanish players like?

According to the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), in 2022, in Spain, a total of 1,593,846 active players were registered (8.32% more than the previous year). According to their demographic profile, 82.73% were men and, according to age, 84.52% were between 18 and 45 years old.


Regarding the amounts played by segment, in 2022, more than 16 billion went to the casino category. It was closely followed by gambling (more than 10 billion) and, with slightly more distance, poker (more than 2 billion). Contests and bingo are at the bottom, with 634 million and 101 million, respectively.


In 2022, the ratio of accounts/active players was 1.77, indicating, as mentioned, that Spanish players prefer to be with a single operator, one that has earned their trust with a robust and reliable product. The likelihood of a player having more than two operator applications installed on his or her cell phone is low.


Spanish players are demanding and look for unique experiences to keep them betting. If they do not find what they are looking for, they will not hesitate to look for another casino to provide them.


Among the most valuable and profitable for online casinos, hardcore gamers stand out, those who spend more hours and make more deposits throughout the month. These players are looking for more enriched and exciting experiences.


How to attract new players?

Banners, affiliates, Telegram Casino, Twitch. To attract new players, operators are betting on new marketing strategies. However, the increasing cost of CPAs (cost per acquisition), which has multiplied in recent years by almost three times in some cases, and the constant changes in regulations, operators find their operations somewhat limited.


What about retention?

Player retention is equally or even more important than new user acquisition. This is mainly due to rising CPAs, which can be financially unsustainable for small and medium-sized operators.


To retain players, operators use various strategies, such as bonuses, tournaments and missions, and content recommendation systems. However, the most demanding players need unique experiences to keep them gambling, or else they will look for another casino to provide them.


Marketing and GGR in casinos

Marketing plays a crucial role in the GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) of casinos. The ‘giants’ of the sector not only have millionaire budgets to attract and retain players, but also have other resources to make their products more attractive.


Operators that cannot adapt to the new marketing scenarios, which seek to connect with users through a value proposition, end up affecting their GGR. At this point, having modular, flexible and scalable platforms becomes more important than ever.


The future of casinos and their players

The future of casino marketing in Spain looks challenging but full of opportunities. Operators must continue to adapt to changing regulations and player preferences, and look for new ways to attract and retain players. The key to success will be to provide a seamless and personalized user experience, and to earn the trust of players with a robust and reliable product.


If you want to know more about marketing operations in Spanish casinos, you can download the full report here.

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