Five keys to scaling your online betting house or casino

From betting on the length of the anthem, to trying to guess the color of the energy drink that will be poured on the champion coach when the game ends. For the major sporting events, like the Super Bowl, the Champions League, even the Olympic Games, the betting shops They offer the most curious possibilities.

There is no doubt that these events are a great opportunity for online operators when it comes to generating income, increase the number of players and transactions. But, they can also be a double-edged sword. Especially if your platform does not have ability to climb and does not support thousands of users connected at the same time.

At the rate at which the online gaming sector, scalability is no longer an option. This is an essential requirement for the success of any operator. And when we talkscalability, we refer to the ability of a computer or hardware system to grow and adapt, efficiently, to the growing demand and workload.

In the case of the casinos and the betting shops, this opportunity to scale translates into your ability to handle a greater number of transactions, users and activities without the system going down or its performance being negatively affected.


The importance of being able to scale your betting house 

Currently, many operators they work with monolithic platforms, rigid and limited. Platforms that, due to an increase in traffic or transactions, block, go down or generate errors, which results in economic and confidence losses by the players.

At the rate at which the online gaming sector is growing, it is not surprising that competition is increasingly fierce. At this point, the customer satisfaction is essential: the player who leaves will probably not return.

But what do players expect from your casino or betting house? An experience of uninterrupted game, fast transactions and one platform that is available at all times. If your online casino is not scalable and cannot handle a sudden increase in demand, playerswill try delays, system crashes and access problems. If you can’t scale, if you can’t delivertheir expectations, users will look for other alternatives.

In the online gaming and betting sector, flows can vary significantly. Your traffic and number of transactions will not be the same during a big event or at times of offers or promotions, as during off-peak periods. It is logical. Therefore, having a scalable system allows you to adapt to these flows without problem, ensuring that operations remain efficient and that players are not negatively affected.


5 keys to scale your betting house 

Ok, the theory is understood: in order to scale, the operators need to be flexible. And, for this, we have already given a first key: your platform also has to be. But, getting to the point, how can it be achieved? Let’s see 5 strategies:


Scale horizontally and vertically 

Horizontal scaling involves adding more servers or nodes to handle a greater load of players and transactions in your casino or betting house. To carry it out, you can:

  • Make a load balancing. Distributes player traffic evenly across multiple servers to avoid overloading a single server.
  • Use containers. It uses container technology to create replicable instances of the application that can be easily scaled.
  • Use the cloud to one CDN. Leverage cloud services and content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure fast access and scale on demand.


If you want to improve the performance of individual servers, go for vertical scaling. Can:

  • Optimize your Database. Make sure it is efficient and designed to handle a high volume of transactions.
  • Optimize your code. Review and optimize your application code to reduce server load.


Using asynchronous operations 

This strategy allows long-running operations to run in the background without blocking other processes, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. For example, in a casino or sportsbook, credit card validations can be done asynchronously, which avoids blocking other transactions and improves efficiency.


Organize the resources of your betting house

Avoid resource contention, it is essential for the scalability of your betting house. This implies sort them of more less, free them as soon as possible and avoid the use of controversial resources


Design switchable applications 

It involves making sure that operations can be applied in any order and get the same result. This reduces the dependency of operations on each other and facilitates scalability.

On the one hand we have the session independence, which enables ensure that one player’s gaming sessions do not affect those of others. Thus, players can perform actions in any order without conflict.

But, one must also consider the modular components. In this way, games and applications can be developed as independent modules that can scale according to demand.


Fraction your resources and activities 

Split the operations in smaller, more manageable parts. This prevents a single component or resource from becoming a bottleneck and enables better performance in scalable systems.

In the context of casinos and betting houses, the partitioning of resources and activities implies:

  • Split games into logical groups and distribute them across separate servers to ensure consistent performance.
  • Split transactions financial and gaming in manageable units to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Use cache systems to temporarily store results of common games and reduce the load on servers.


Or… contact Calimaco 

The scalability, more than essential, has become a critical element for the casinos and the betting shops. And it is precisely this ability to scale that makes the difference between the success or failure of an operator in the online gaming sector.

To stay ahead, differentiate themselves from the competition and offer a unique experience to their players, operators must invest in scalable systems and technologies, modular platforms that adapt to your needs. And this is what we do at Callimachus.

If you have a casino or an online betting house and want to scale, contact us and we will help you.

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