Scale your business in less than a year: the case of Apuesta Total

The Super Bowl, the Champions League, and even the Olympic Games. Major sporting events are undoubtedly an opportunity for online operators to generate revenue, increase the number of players and transactions. The challenge? To be able to scale.


Nowadays, you can bet on anything: the length of the anthem, the clothes of the guest artist, the color of the energy drink that will be poured on the champion coach at the end of the game. All it takes is a little imagination… and a platform capable of handling large volumes of traffic.

It may sound simple, but this is precisely the situation faced by many operators. Tied to rigid platforms that do not allow scale, they find it difficult to grow at the speed demanded by the market. And in the face of so much competition, being flexible has become a differentiating factor.

As one of the largest operators on the American continent, Apuesta Total welcomes thousands of players every day on its website and must be able to cope with one of the largest amounts of traffic in the industry. That’s why, “when we contacted Calímaco, we had to be up to the task,” explains Alejandro Serrano, co-founder of Calímaco.

Autonomy, fast integrations, agility, constant innovation. Four challenges, one solution: working together as part of the same team. For Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Apuesta Total, their need was clear: “to be masters of our own destiny, innovate constantly and allow us to build a differential experience for our users”.


Apuesta Total’s needs: scale its business in record time

Controlling their business, flexibility, adaptability… After analyzing their needs, Apuesta Total and Calímaco started working to:

  • Be able to build, change and control the product to your needs.
  • To grow at the speed demanded by the market with the help of a new technological partner.
  • To have a pioneering and constantly evolving platform to open the doors to a future full of possibilities.


And, speaking of the future, falling behind is not an option for any operator. Until a few years ago, it was rare to see it; now, the opposite is true. Artificial Intelligence has arrived to revolutionize the gaming world.


Can you imagine having a GPT Chat in your casino? CALIA is precisely one of the future proposals that Calimaco is working on with Apuesta Total. An Artificial Intelligence solution that facilitates the management of casino operations.


Trigger questions to your database, create user segments, get statistics on games or suppliers, send automatic promotions. Machine Learning technology allows CALIA to learn from the process, train and improve its answers with practice. “In other words, very soon it will be a predictive model,” explains Alejandro Serrano.


The data speak for themselves


“Thanks to the chosen technology and the commitment of the team, Apuesta Total has managed to scale its business in record time. Their level of incidents has dropped considerably, and with Calímaco, they have the ability to perform actions in the system,” explains Serrano. “They have been able to create their own rules and the numbers speak for themselves.”


In one year, their GGR has grown by 38.8%. In terms of sports betting, the figure has even doubled. With regard to the number of players, it has grown by 34.86% and, in particular, sports betting players have increased by a factor of 2.


From the first month the two teams started working together until today, Apuesta Total has managed to increase its monthly GGR by 37.7%, the number of monthly deposits by 38.2%, the number of monthly withdrawals by 37.9% and the number of monthly registrations by 37.81%.


“We are sure that the needs that Apuesta Total had may be familiar to many operators,” explains Alejandro Serrano, “that’s why we invite them to contact us, to analyze their case and propose a solution.”


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