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Calímaco: “Our strategy is not based on countries or territories, what matters are the projects”

Prior to the start of SBC Summit Latin America, and in an exclusive dialogue with Yogonet, Alejandro Serrano, co-founder of Calimaco, highlighted the foundations that make his company one of the fastest growing in the region, acknowledged the role they played in the growth of Apuesta Total in Peru, where they are betting on sustained growth, as well as in markets such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.


Latin American market challenges according to Calimaco

For Alejandro Serrano, today’s markets face multifaceted challenges. For operators, quality and service become crucial hallmarks, while for governments, balanced regulation and player protection are essential. Calimaco highlights the importance of a stable legal framework and reasonable taxation to foster a healthy and competitive gaming environment.


Focus on regulated markets

At Calimaco we see regulation as an opportunity: it allows us to increase the demands on functionality and player protection. With an offer focused on adaptability, we understand that constantly evolving technology, such as artificial intelligence, demands a reliable and proactive partnership to meet the complex needs of the sector.

Regulation opens up new business possibilities. With an optimistic outlook, we are exploring with interest the emerging markets of Argentina and Chile, while perceiving robust potential in the already consolidated gaming scene in Peru.


The fundamental role of software in online gaming operations

What an operator looks for in its software providers is that it is a real driver of its business and not a hindrance. In the words of Alejandro Serrano, co-founder of Calimaco, it is a long list of needs, and in all of them, the level of demand is very high. To name a few:

  • User experience (players and operators)
  • Competitive agility
  • Availability and scalability
  • Adaptability and speed of response to your needs
  • Quality of service and quality of the interlocution with the supplier.

Our management software is presented as a critical differentiator in the online gaming operation. In Alejandro’s words, “it is the difference between being or not being”. It means being able to focus on business priorities, instead of spending time and effort in solving the inconveniences that arise from an inadequate technological system.


Calimaco and looking to the future: opportunities in Latin America

With an eye on the evolution of the sector, we at Calimaco are strengthening our presence in key markets such as Mexico and Brazil, where the imminent regulation of online gaming offers a promising horizon. The Brazilian opening to online gaming stands out as a particularly attractive focus, promising to be a fertile ground for our ambitions of growth and consolidation as essential partners.

At the same time, we are attentive to regulatory currents in emerging Latin American markets such as Argentina, Peru and Chile. Our adaptability and regulatory compliance puts us at an advantage, ready to facilitate the transition of operators into a regulated and expanding landscape.

At Calimaco, we see ourselves not only as suppliers, but as strategic allies, viewing regulation and evolving markets not as barriers, but as stepping stones to innovation and development in the online gaming sector. Our commitment is unchanging: with each new project, we reiterate our purpose of being a catalyst for success and growth in the industry.

You can read the full interview with Alejandro Serrano, co-founder of Calimaco, in Yogonet.

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