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Easy guide to launching your own online casino [2024]

In the fast-paced world of online entertainment, virtual casinos have become an attractive option for entrepreneurs. The possibility of launching your own online casino not only offers financial opportunities, but also allows you to enter an expanding global market.

In a crowded digital landscape, the online casino industry stands out as a lucrative and growing sector. Have you ever considered launching your own virtual casino?

If so, and you’re just starting out in this sector, in this practical guide we put the spotlight on what you need to consider in order to operate your own online casino and transform your idea into a successful business. From the legal aspects, payment methods, necessary software or even what marketing strategies you can implement. Let’s get started.


Why a Virtual Casino?

Before diving into the development of your virtual casino, the first thing to understand is that this is a sector that is experiencing an unprecedented boom, with a global market and with the possibility of access from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

To know how to manage any business model, you’ll first need to know the industry you’re moving into, and the online gambling market is one of the ones with the highest growth forecasts. According to the latest statistics on the size of the global gambling market, in 2022 the industry was valued at approximately 65.6 billion US dollars, and it is estimated that by 2030 it will exceed 153 billion US dollars.

In Spain, according to analysis by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the GGR (the indicator that measures the gross revenue obtained by online gambling operators) for the third quarter of 2023 was €304.26 million, an increase of 23.60% compared to the same quarter in 2022.

In Latin America, revenue in 2020 is estimated to have reached US$1.3bn, and forecasts are that, by 2026, it will reach a value of US$4.2bn in online gambling alone, particularly football-related gambling.


Informe de Mercado de juego online estatal
State online gambling market report (Spain) Q3.2023.


Legal requirements for operating an online casino

Running an online casino involves a number of crucial legal aspects and online gambling licensing requirements to ensure legitimacy and regulatory compliance.

In Spain, online gambling is regulated by Law 13/2011 on the regulation of gambling. This law establishes the requirements and procedures to obtain an online gaming licence in the country, where in order to open a virtual casino site, it is necessary to obtain a licence from the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ).

At Calimaco we can’t give you the licence, but we will advise you and, once you have it, we have solutions so that, as an operator, you don’t have to worry about anything. The Calimaco Vault application itself will send the regulatory agent the information included in the databases: players, transactions, GGR, secure casino gaming, etc.


What technological infrastructure does your online gaming platform need?

The success of your online casino is closely linked to the effectiveness of the software behind it.

The tricky part will not only be to attract new users, but to retain them and keep them coming back to your gaming platform. Users need to have a personalised, seamless and secure experience. And you, as an operator, need the technology behind your business to make it easy and allow you to develop your ideas, not limit you.

The integration of encryption technologies, adapted to the latest industry innovations and advanced security measures are essential to maintain player confidence and comply with legal regulations.

At Calímaco we believe that the rules should be set by the operator, so we have developed a customised platform for your business to scale at the pace you set, creating your own rules and not those imposed by your suppliers.

Our powerful open architecture platform ensures that your casino will be operating at peak performance, allowing easy integration with all third party applications, with full flexibility and control of the business.

Our all-in-one platform, with the most powerful back office in the industry, compliant with all the major regulators, has everything you need. No limits.


  • Customisable modules.
  • Real-time transaction management.
  • Multi-brand analysis and management.
  • Agent and retailer management.
  • Drag and drop editor of launched products and games.
  • Comprehensive fraud prevention system.
  • Affiliate network management.
  • Event website for your casino or gaming rooms.


Don’t do it alone: 24/7 support in your language.

One of the variables that holds back online gaming platform operators the most is getting along with technical support. If they need technical support, to solve an incident, implement new functionalities or simply ask questions, poor support slows down their daily work.

At Calímaco we break with the trend of automation and offer 24/7 support and accompaniment in your language, with a person who cooperates with your team, who you know who he is and what his name is. Of course, as always, you set the rules, we integrate easily with other providers. Your game, your rules.


How to attract and retain players in your online casino?

In such a competitive market, it is just as important to attract new players as it is to retain them.
As an online casino operator you will need to develop specific digital marketing strategies that allow you to control the entire customer sales funnel and create a unique experience for each player.

Managing real-time gaming promotions, personalised to their preferences will be key.

From Calímaco’s intelligent platform, you will have simple and up-to-date graphs to make the best decisions for your marketing strategies whether in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Peru or any other country.


Secure payment and transaction management

Transparency in financial management is essential. The implementation of secure payment systems, backed by advanced encryption technologies, guarantees the protection of player information. In addition, implementing anti-fraud policies on your gaming platform and constant monitoring of transactions helps to maintain a safe and secure gaming environment.

As we know how important this point is, at Calímaco we have developed our platform to automatically detect fraudulent operations and analyse the risk for your players. We cross-reference your systems with police databases and verify the identity of your users for a fast and secure entry into the game.

In addition, the diversification of multiple payment methods and providers offers users useful and secure options for making payments and withdrawals.

There are even crypto casinos that allow payment with cryptocurrencies, however the legality of these casinos depends on each country. In Spain and the UK they are legal, as long as they comply with local regulations.


Trends and innovation for online casinos

The online casino sector has been able to adapt to new technologies and put them to work in its favour. That is why it is essential that, as an operator, you keep up to date with the technological advances in the sector and have a platform that allows you to grow and evolve in an ever-growing industry.

Crypto, live gaming, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly tangible options that your business must be able to adapt to.

Ready to start your own online casino, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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