Perfect synergy between physical and digital

The perfect synergy between the online and physical world: the case of Atlantic City

The crossroads between technological innovation and the search for immersive experiences has led casinos to witness an unprecedented transformation. In this landscape of change, the convergence between online strategies and the consolidation of physical channels has become a fundamental pillar to compete in the industry.

More than an evolution, this strategic combination represents the true paradigm shift, where the synergy between the digital and the tangible redefines not only the player experience, but also the very course of the industry.

And this is precisely one of the great achievements of Atlantic City, to achieve a perfect combination between its two channels, making its players grow, and stay connected at all times.


Atlantic City: a casino with more than 27 years of history

Atlantic City is one of the leading casinos in Peru. Its physical casino has a great variety of machines, from the most traditional to the most modern, with 3D technology and all kinds of effects. Blackjack tables, baccarat, poker, roulette, thematic events… A great variety of offers created with the aim of providing the user with a unique gaming experience.

On the other hand, its online casino is also a leader in the Peruvian market. This combination of online and retail operations makes Atlantic City one of the most complete casinos in Peru.

But what makes it so special? What is the key to its success? The fusion of both worlds, the perfect combination between its physical and online casino. Let’s see an example:


A benefit program that transcends both realities

Atlantic City Club is the perfect explanation. A benefit program that transcends both worlds, and takes the user experience to a higher level. Players can earn points in the online casino and in the land-based casino, and everything will be recorded in their profile.

But what do they get for those points? From economic prizes for their favorite games, to access to Delivery Atlantic, the most differentiating benefit, which allows access to:

  • A different themed food festival every week.
  • A differentiating strategy that attracts new players looking for further experiences.
  • Cross-promotional system by encouraging participation in the physical and online casino.

In this way, Atlantic City keeps its players motivated and connected at all times, both with the online casino, the land-based casino, the restaurant and the extra services they offer.


Talking about synergies… The union between Atlantic City and Calímaco

Our philosophy is not to be a simple supplier. We want to be a technology partner that helps you grow, with your rules and at the pace of your business. From currencies, to the creation of multi-channel promotions, with Calímaco you create your rules.

Operate with different currencies, create multichannel promotions, generate a globalized gaming experience. All these innovations make Atlantic City one of the leading operators in the Peruvian market, and make Calímaco a technology partner proud to see your growth.

Need help? You can download the full case study for more information. And, if you also want to grow with your rules, contact us.

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