Unprecedented Freedom
We build a platform tailored to you

With Calímaco, you are the architect of the guts of your online casino.

Calímaco gives you the freedom you always wanted. You will no longer be restricted by rigid or inflexible systems; we are the blank canvas on which you can capture your vision.

Lasting Relationships

Genuine connection with your players

With us, you will build lasting and trusting relationships with your players. Thanks to our custom tools and dedicated support systems, your players will no longer feel like just numbers, but rather like partners in this experience. When they win, you win.

Unbreakable Security

Our promise: fair and safe play

We are not satisfied with complying with basic regulations. We want you to see how we work, because we trust what we do and we want you to do the same. Calímaco meets and exceeds the guarantees required by our sector.

Constant Innovation

New era in online gaming

We do not stay in the conventional. We are young, so our agility is our strength. We provide you with the latest relevant tools on the market before any other platform.

Radical Transparency

Open and Honest Play

Our commitment goes beyond simple guarantees. We practice total transparency, allowing you to see every aspect of how we work. With Calímaco, you’ll always know what you’re playing.

Empower Your Players

The experience you deserve

With our platform, you are not just offering a game, but a unique experience. From personalized recommendations to anti-fraud prevention systems, we guarantee that every player feels like they are treated like the VIP they are.

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Experiencia de Equipo

It's time to give your team and players the experience they deserve.

If you want, we will demonstrate it to you in a 15-minute video call. No more is needed.

You are three clicks away from our team contacting you.